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My primary focus has always been filmmaking. I've been shooting images at 24 frames per second since I was 17, and 20 years later I'm still at it.  I've always enjoyed the entire process of filmmaking: pre-production, production and post. I direct, shoot and edit. It's been my day job since I was 23 years old in a variety of forms and fashions. 


Initially, I took up photography because it seemed like a natural extension of my film work and held a certain immediacy not found in the world of motion pictures.  I quickly became more fascinated with the challenges of the photographic process than the models stepping in front of the camera. Color, light, frame, shutter, aperture, focal length; so many variables to master and so many possible outcomes.  Most importantly, it provided the challenge of telling a story in a single image; the polar opposite of my filmmaking endeavors. I devoured it, and in the process I discovered that becoming a better photographer meant becoming a better filmmaker. The two worlds complemented each other.

Story is as vital to me when shooting a single frame as it is when I'm shooting 24 frames per second.  Story first, story first, story first, and the more unusual, the better.  Stories engage viewers, and elicit emotional responses from audiences, and that's the goal with any image: strike a chord of resonance...or dissonance...with the viewer, and leave them thinking about it after they've turned the page, or clicked away, or turned the corner.

I firmly believe that create engaging images, a certain alchemy has to render itself through the combination of model, location, light and luck.  Most importantly, I've found that the more memorable the experience of actually shooting and creating the images, the better the images turn out in the end. 




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